Equity Trading

FinTech Securities exists to provide streamlined equity, options, and fixed income trading solutions. We stand by our principles of offering competitive rates, customized trading capabilities, and personalized attention. Through honest and innovative solutions we add the human element to trading technology.

For trades that require a personal touch, FinTech has dedicated traders ready to handle order requests. Our traders have several years of industry experience and are committed to prompt and accurate service. FinTech takes every measure to make sure we offer the best execution of trades.

For more information contact the FinTech Team at 214-978-6003 or

Fixed Income Trading

FinTech offers access to a wide range of fixed income products including new issue and secondary agencies, corporates, CDs, structured products, and US Treasuries. We are also very competitive when you need bids to liquidate a position, or a portfolio.

In addition to the FinTech trading desk, we offer a web based trading platform with the ability to search over 150 dealer inventories, place trades, and receive bids. This dynamic online trading platform boasts a wide variety of search parameters from ratings to yields and allows the user to sort, search, and filter on all of the search criteria.

Contact FinTech Securities for New Issue offerings at 214-978-6003 or

Options Trading

FinTech Securities has the capability to trade equity and ETF options. The FinTech trading desk accepts options orders through email or by phone. To receive the options agreement forms, commission pricing schedules, and initiate options trading please contact FinTech at 214-978-6003 or

Online Trading

FinTech Securities offers secure online equity trade execution through our own proprietary website. Powerful yet easy to use, our systems are efficient, reliable and complimentary to FinTech Securities’ clients. In addition to trading and market data, the site also provides Trade History, Statements, and Payment History. Please contact us directly to receive log-in instructions.

Trading Connections

FinTech Securities has proven connections to multiple trading systems in order to create a fully streamlined trading environment. The FinTech Team continues to work toward creating quality partnerships that will aid with the automation of trades. FinTech has developed strong connections with AccuTech Systems, Fi-Tek Trust Portal, Infovisa, Innovest, NYFIX, SunGard (FIS), and Thomson Reuters.

Please contact us if there is a particular software product, FIX connection, or company with whom it would be helpful for us to connect. It is our goal to continue providing a cutting-edge, streamlined trading environment.

Equity Trading For Independent Research

For many clients, FinTech is able to establish a program allocating a portion of commissions in exchange for customized investment research. The commission dollars used as research credits will take into account the commission on all trades will be charged a reasonable and negotiated price per share. The FinTech Team has a deep understanding of Independent Research Services and the Principals each have more than two decades of experience in this specialization. Also, FinTech has the capability to establish separate accounts for research and non-research credit, if this type of business model is appealing.